Sounds kind of fancy, right?  Really, herbal medicine is quite simple…way more simple than most pharmaceutical and over the counter medications.  Humans have been using herbs throughout human history. Yes, modern medicine is modern…herbal medicine is ancient…which may be a good reason why we should explore it more often.  In the U.S., herbal medicine is considered a form of “Alternative Medicine”, whereas in other countries it is actually regulated as a form of healing medicine or modality.  Most pharmaceutical medications are derived from plants…according to the Summary report of the European Union, at least 7,000 medical compounds in the modern pharmacopoeia are derived from plants.  Herbal medicine is not always limited to “herbs,” rather it can range from fungi to minerals.


According to the Oxford and Webster Dictionary:

  • A person whose life is dedicated to the economic or medicinal uses of plants.
  • One skilled in the harvesting and collection of medicinal plants (see wildcrafter).
  • One trained or skilled in the therapeutic use of medicinal plants.
  • One who is skilled in the preparation/manufacture of dried and/or liquid herbal products who possesses a pharmacognostic, formulary and/or clinical understanding of the products being prepared/manufactured.

Holistic wellness facilities often hire herbalists…as herbal medicine is healthier and natural to heal clients…Typically herbalists will work in conjunction with other practitioners such as aromatherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists and yoga instructors to a “Holistic” approach of natural healing.  Herbalists will spend a lot of time learning and working with others to assure clients get the best possible care.


I could probably write a whole book about the benefits of holistic healing, however, I have limited to these points…

  • Healing power of herbs, plants, fungi, minerals, food, essential oils is unbelievable.
  • Medical Errors…yes, this happens often and more than you realize. In 2010, there was between 210,000 and close to a 1/2 million people die from hospital care which could of been prevented…yes, died from medical errors.
  • The danger of pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs:  don’t get me wrong there is a need, however, pharmaceutical drugs use is out of control in the U.S.
  • Most Holistic practitioners look to the cause instead of the symptoms of the disease or illness to adequately deal with health problems.
  • Herbs, essential oils, nutrition, chiropractor care and many other holistic modalities are effective and work great…especially if you have a knowledgable practitioner.


During an Herbal Consultation, herbalists will review the client’s health concerns, medical history, eating habits, lifestyle, and future goals. The second half of the consultation of the client’s personalized holistic regimen, which includes dietary, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions, will be presented and discussed. Most regimens will include a suggested use of an individualized herbal extract, capsules and/or tea via the information gathered during the consultation.


Summary report of the European Union