Birth Doula, Prenatal Coach & Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula

Confident in my abilities to support women and their families through education I received from the CAPPA Doula andChildbirth education program. I believe in the ability and strength of a women’s body to give birth.  I hope with education, encouragement and strength women can make the best decision for her and her family.

What is a Doula?

Essentially is a trained birth assistant who provides support on all levels (emotional, physical, psychological, and informational support) for women during birth.

Doula is Greek for “a woman who serves,” and when considering the best — i.e., speediest and least painful — way to give birth naturally, being served seemed like the only way to go.

“A doula is trained in the psychological and emotional aspects of labor and birth and is also trained in common hospital procedures, interventions and physical comfort measures,” explains Debbie Young, president of DONA International, a doula-certifying organization founded in 1992. (

What a Doula does not do:

Do not perform medical procedures or clinical tasks such as blood pressure checks, cervical check, etc as I am not trained and skilled in that field, plus it is against the CAPPA scope of practice. In addition, I do not replace partners and do not make decisions for you.

Studies have shown that women supported by a doula during labor not only have a more positive birth experience, but they also experience:

50% reduction in C-section rate
25% shorter labor
60% reduction in epidural requests
40% reduction in Pitocin use
30% reduction in analgesia use
40% reduction in instrumental deliveries

(Information obtained from The Doula Book by Klaus, Kennell and Klaus (1993)


The role of Doula or Labor Support

It is essential you and your partner are comfortable with me before making your decision, as this is a very intimate time in your and your partner’s life. If you choose me as your labor support, the prenatal appointments are scheduled to discuss birth plans, pain and birth management options (sometimes this is discussed during the consultation) and other issues such as birth preferences.  I will also disclose to you any time I may be unavailable, however, this may never be discussed unless a real emergency does occur and in that case I will provide you with a back up doula.  I will give you the name and background information of the backup doula I assign to you in a case of an emergency where I am unable to attend your birth. 

You can contact me anytime before and during the postpartum period for any reason via phone, text or email as I am open to discuss any concerns or questions you may have…which is why you hired me!

What services I provide as a Birth Doula:


Here is the break down:

  • Free Consultation to make sure you feel comfortable with me as your Doula
  • 2 prenatal visits: to discuss how you feel emotionally, physically, nutrition, possible interventions, past pregnancy/ labor/ birth history, and birth plan, etc. *
  • 24/7 contact via email and phone
  • 24/7 on call 2 weeks prior to your due date and 2 weeks after due date
  • Continuous physical and emotional support during labor and birth
  • Assistance with breastfeeding at your own discretion
  • 1 Postpartum visit
  • Postpartum kit


Call for a free initial consultation to allow me to attend your birth!



Pregnancy can be the most beautiful time of a family’s life; however, many unknowns are in the horizon when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Pregnancy coaches are designed for the family.  If you are not interested in getting a Birth Doula but would like guidance during the prenatal period and would like to feel prepared for birth, a prenatal coach is what you are looking for.  Prenatal coaches are for individuals looking for guidance during the roller coaster ride of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I provides education, mentoring, counsel, and insight and is your go-to person for all things pregnancy-related before, during, and postpartum. If you’re looking pregnancy tips or other prenatal advice, schedule a phone, Skype session now or  get email advice (contact us), or read on for further benefits and more information.

Pregnancy coaching is unique to your situation. It will help you be healthy, and happy! Your pregnancy coach can help you:

  • Have a positive birth experience
  • Formulate a birth plan
  • Feel Positive
  • Navigate the maternal/ fetal health system
  • Relaxation techniques during pregnancy and during birth
  • Meditation skills
  • Find balance in life and work relationships
  • Enjoy strong relationships.
  • Be confident in your body and during birth
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Provide resources and reference
  • Provide Childbirth Education
  • Healing from a traumatic birth


Via email, phone and Skype

  • Includes a free initial consult via Skype or phone
  • Includes unlimited email support throughout pregnancy
  • Includes once a month Skype throughout the entire pregnancy
  • Includes twice a month phone support
  • Unlimited access to book library (library and websites)

Total investment: $350 (Payment plans accepted)

Via email, phone and in-person

  • Includes a free initial consult via phone or Skype
  • Includes once a month in-person meeting
  • Includes twice a month phone support
  • Included unlimited email support throughout pregnancy
  • Unlimited access to book library
  • Childbirth Education included*
  • Breastfeeding Education included*

Total Investment: $450 (Payment plans accepted)



I am a trained professional that offers physical, emotional, and spiritual, support to a new mother and the rest of the family.   As a Postpartum Doula, I also offer breastfeeding support, light household maintenance, family nurturing and instruction to mom and/or other family members in the care of a newborn.  The Postpartum Doula’s job is to make the transition to parenthood a little smoother for new parents, to help mom during her recovery period and to address what the family needs help with and provide the instruction.  My main objective as a Postpartum Doula’s is not to take over complete care of the newborn, but to educate and support the family so that they will feel empowered to care for their newborn themselves (

As a postpartum doula I offer the following:

  • Physical support
  • Emotional Support
  • Spiritual Support
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support and tips
  • Baby care instruction
  • Household assistance
  • Sibling care
  • Meal preparation
  • Errand running

Optional check out Mother Roaster Services.  Click here (link to mother roaster page) to check out these unique postpartum services.