I didn’t realize until several years ago I could have control of my own health, health outcomes and family’s health outcome.  Ultimately, what inspired me to take the holistic plunge was my daughter’s conditions.  She began to regress in development and no one could figure out why…after consulting with many doctors and after many tests, no one could give me an answer except sending me to specialist after specialist. I got sick of this vicious circle…the doctors diagnosed her with failure to thrive and therapists diagnosed her with sensory integration disorder and apraxia of the speech. (Her sensory problems and anxiety was so severe that it was causing all the children in my house to have stress including my husband and I.  Her tantrums would last at least 2 hours and there was absolutely no reasoning with her to settle her down!) BUT, no one could give us an answer to why this was happening.  What did I do wrong?  What did we do wrong?  Was it the high fevers (105 degrees) with every vaccination?  Was it the induction at birth because my water broke first before contractions?  Was it something I ate during pregnancy?  My husband and I felt like terrible parents and we got absolutely no answers.  Further, the psychologist recommended she get therapy to address the severe anxiety she had!  ANXIETY in a 3 year old…WHAT THE HECK! I thought anxiety happened to adults!

I decided to take matters in my own hands and embrace my knowledge in holistic health, western medicine and researching background. After much research and putting the pieces of the puzzle together I figured out she had an inability to adequately absorb nutrients and failed to gain weight thus causing her anxiety and hindering her ability to develop normally. The culprit was excessive inflammation in the gut and sensitivities to dyes, preservatives and the biggest factor was SUGAR!  I changed her diet (absolutely no SUGAR is allowed), organic food only, she takes a couple supplements, stay away from toxins in our house (such as toxin free soap and cleaners), use essential oils for her mood…lo and behold she gained 5 pounds, her cognitive development is normal and on track, her speech has improved 2 fold, anxiety disappeared, and she is the sweetest little girl that anyone can have. Thanks docs for the awesome advice!

As a Holistic practitioner my path continues as I try to understand how modern life is hurting our quality of life with excess toxins we are constantly exposed to in our food, water, cleaning supplies and body products. We are over medicated as a society trying to treat the symptoms rather than finding and treating the root cause.   I love guiding my family, friends and clients on a path to better health and happiness!