1. Through food or drink- quality chlorella or spirulina or try my smoothie recipe…will be an up and coming post.  Benefits of chlorella are endless, assist in removing heavy metals from the blood.  Buy in capsules or green and raw food.
  2. Through Herbs– examples are milk thistle and dandelion.
  3. Mental Detox– Get active through exercise and sweating it out…plus all the endorphins help you feel better.
  4. Detox bath or Meditate with Essential Oils
    Washing away the tiredness and stress is essential especially for those most hectic days. Quick…what are 3 essential oils that you absolutely adore? Please comment. My 3 choices are:


    ~Start to run the water, light candles and place them around the bath tub.
    ~ Clear your aura by rubbing together your cleansing essential oil between your hand and brushing your body over with or without your clothes on.
    ~Turn off the lights
    ~Find a sacred object and place it where you can see it from the bath tub
    ~Play some relaxing music……I prefer yoga or meditation music.
    ~ When the bath is full, add your oils with a carrier oil and mix the water
    ~ Get in the tub with intent and mindfullness, as you feel the water swirl around you easing your mind & body, aches and pains.
    ~ Cup your hands and pour the water over your head, again with intent and mindfulness to purify your aura.
    ~ Lie back and take in the aromas of the oils…..meditate and push all the stress away from you!

  1. Creating a Sacred space- this space allows you to have a space all to yourself.
    ~Add something special
    ~Add aroma: essential oils, rose spray, incense, smudge stick
    ~Add something from nature
    ~Add a candle
    ~Add a bouquet of flowers
    ~Add mediation, Native American flutes, or yoga music
  1. Restorative Yoga


  1. Remove refined sugars and processed foods- by eliminating or significantly reducing can help you reduce inflammation and assist in weight loss.
  2. Free of caffeine and alcohol- I know this is not completely possible. However, limiting can help you feel better and balance out your hormones.
  3. Remove GMO’s as much as possible
  4. Bad Fats

Slowly add in the foods you need and slowly remove foods you don’t need.

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