Aromatherapy can help balance the chakras in the subtle body.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body…seven primary energy centers along the spine from the tailbone to the top of the head. The chakras draw, collect, and transfer various forms of energy assisting in our state of consciousness and emotions.

A clear understanding of the energy centers allows us to have a deeper appreciation of the magical and mysterious use of essential oils as they have not only provide physical benefits but also mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that reverberate with traits of the subtle body and energy centers.  Below is a description of each of the main chakras or energy centers.

First Center or Root chakra- Base Center: Located at the base of the spine.

~ Intestines and adrenal glands
~ Associated with self preservation and survival
~ Balancing this chakra assist in a better connection with nature, grounding, allows a feeling of security, connect to abundance.
~ Teaches humans to embrace the spirit and the sacredness of the physical world
~ Healing affirmation: I am a divine being and I am at peace.
~ Essential oils:  Patchouli

Second Center or Navel Chakra- Sacral center: Located two inches below the navel.

~Reproductive organs and glands
~Associated with sexuality, creativity and relationships.
~Balancing this chakra allows feelings to flow, to have enthusiasm, sensuality, pleasure and to encourage or improve relationships.
~Teaches about feeling with spirit.
~Healing affirmation: I am brilliant, beautiful, and have great strength.  I love life having a healthy and ardent life.
~Essential oils: neroli

Third Center or Solar Plexus- Solar Plexus center: Located two inches above the navel.

~Digestive system, liver, and pancreas
~Associated with personal power and will, self worth, and social identity
~Balancing this chakra allows confidence to build, self acceptance, achieving goals and to develop personal will and integrity and attract life’s desires.
~Teaches us about how to be of service to the divine
~Healing affirmation: I am positive, empowered, and prosperous in all my endeavors.
~Essential oil:  lavender

Fourth Center or Heart Chakra-Heart Center: Located in the chest

~Heart, lungs, and thymus gland.
~Associated with love, compassion, connection to friends and family.
~Balancing allows you to accept and nurture oneself and others, to love, to connect with the community, to have peace and joy.
~Teaches about the connection with the infinite and the abundant love that is spirit.
~Healing affirmation: Love is the gift of living and is the answer to something when all else fails. I unequivocally give and receive love without difficulty.
~Essential oil:  rose

Fifth Center or Throat Chakra- Throat Center: Located in the center of the throat.

~Neck, throat, and thyroid gland.
~Associated with communication.
~Balancing allows the truth to be expressed freely and appropriately.  To allow silence to enter your life and have the ability to thoroughly listen to others as well as to listen to your inner voice or intuition.  In addition, allows you to manage time well and to have acceptance of divine will.
~Teaches about the aligning personal will with the divine will becoming a mechanism of the sacred.
~Healing affirmation: I will remain positive and speak in truth and clarity.
~Essential oils: Sandalwood

Sixth Center or Third eye Chakra- Sixth Center: Located on the forehead, just above and between the eyes.

~Eyes, pituitary and hypothalamus.
~Associated with intellect, understanding, intuition and dreams.
~Balancing allows the intuitive and rational mind, assist in memory and psychic development and increase self awareness and self knowledge.
~Teaches about the the healing, balancing and expanding of the human mind … it can be touched by the mind of the spirit
~Healing affirmation: I am in-tune with the divine universe and the wisdom which lies within.  I always understand the true meaning of life situations.
~Essential oils:  Eucalyptus

Seventh Center or Crown Chakra- Seventh center: Located on the top of the head.

~Brain, central nervous center, pineal gland.
~Associated with spirituality, faith and high states of consciousness.
~Balancing promotes enlightenment, to deepen faith, achieve higher states of consciousness and to connect with the divine
~Teaches about surrendering to the mystery of the divine, becoming one with the spirit.
~Healing affirmation: I am complete and one with the divine.
~Essential oils: Frankincense

How to use!

Massage- make a blend of 10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage the chakra.

Bath oil- blend 10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil.  This is enough for 4 baths. Mix a quarter of the blend in a bath.

Diffusing- use your intuition.